An autumn at high speed!

Here we are already with our last newsletter for this year of great achievements. The past few months have flown by so quickly that we have barely had time to stop and share these achievements with you. Our program, events, communications, special projects, outreach, and philanthropy teams have been busy with contagious enthusiasm and creativity!

Coming to a screen near you!

In August, we set ourselves the goal of finding new ways to showcase the Foundation and its community members. Undoubtedly, we saw that the use of videos would be the most lively, touching, and authentic way to communicate our messages. Willingly, many Scholars, Fellows and Mentors generously agreed to share their impressions, advice, and experiences, which will allow us to better communicate the Foundation's role, values, and programs.

We travelled to meet the community of the Foundation, first in Toronto, where we were welcomed by Massey College at the University of Toronto for two days of filming, in addition to a cocktail and a community dinner that brought together some twenty members of the community from various cohorts. Thank you to Nathalie Des Rosiers, 2020 Mentor, for the warm welcome at Massey College!

 Nathalie Des Rosiers (mentore 2020)
Sara Angel (boursière 2012), Étienne Cossette-Lefebvre (boursier 2021), Alain-Désiré Nimubona (boursier 2003) et Christopher Campbell-Duruflé (boursier 2016), au Collège Massey.
Top picture: Nathalie Des Rosiers (2020 Mentor), bottom picture: Sara Angel (2012 Scholar), Étienne Cossette-Lefebvre (2021 Scholar), Alain-Désiré Nimubona (2003 Scholar) and Christopher Campbell-Duruflé (2016 Scholar), at Massey College.

We then continued filming in Montreal in September, October, and November, as well as at a leadership gathering in Quebec City with our 2021 cohort. Some of our Scholars' videos have already appeared on our social media networks to support the 2022 Call for Scholarship applications.

Here are some of the latest videos that were released these last two weeks:

Kylie Heales, 2021 Mary-Jean Mitchell Green | Fondation Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholar
Kowan O'Keefe, 2021 Scholar
Lydie Belporo, 2021 Scholar
Roxana Akhmetova, 2021 Scholar

Did you miss the recent videos from other 2021 Scholars? You can view them by clicking on the links below:

We are also preparing a video to explain the importance of diversity and the philosophy behind the creation of the Code of Community Engagement, which still raises questions that we want to answer. Thank you to Mary Anne Chambers, 2018 Mentor, and the other members of the Advisory Committee on Diversity for sharing their expertise and wisdom so generously!

Finally, as we approach the Foundation's 20th anniversary in 2022, we are preparing a special video honouring the Foundation's great achievements, remarkable community, and persons who have made the Foundation what it is today. This video will also be a wonderful form of support to the efforts of the Development Committee dedicated to philanthropy, which began its work a few months ago under the leadership of Hilary Pearson, Foundation Member and Chair of the Development Committee.

Mary Anne Chambers, mentore 2018, et Charlie Wall-Andrews, boursière 2020, en tournage.
Mary Anne Chambers, 2018 Mentor, and Charlie Wall-Andrews, 2020 Scholar, on set.

We would like to thank all the members of our community who spoke so eloquently on video: you were wonderful! Thank you to our Scholars, Fellows and Mentors, active and alumni: 

Thank you also to our Directors and Members, who have been at the helm of the Foundation’s governance for many years:

Brave Spaces: The Podcast expands to include two new topics

Stay tuned as two new podcast series of Brave Spaces: The Podcast will be released in the early months of 2022 on two of the Foundation's Six Key Concepts of leadership.

One of these podcast series will be on the topic of Diversity and is being created in collaboration with members of the Advisory Committee on Diversity. We are delighted that Margarida Garcia, 2004 Scholar, will be hosting this special series in English and French.

Espace de courage

The other series, created in collaboration with the Foundation's Alumni Network, will address Communication and Sharing Knowledge, one of the Foundation’s Six Key Concepts of leadership. It will be hosted by the Co-presidents of the Alumni Network Executive Committee, Robert Leckey, 2003 Scholar, in English, and Sophie Thériault, 2003 Scholar, in French.

Robert Leckey et Sophie Thériault, Espaces de courage

In the meantime, we encourage you to listen and share the links to the podcasts produced earlier this year:

  • Audacity and Resilience, one of the Foundation’s Six Key Concepts of Leadership;
  • Special series on the Impacts of COVID-19. Thank you to our sponsors, the Université de Montréal and McGill University for making this series possible!

All episodes are available to listen here. In addition, each podcast episode and transcripts in English and French are available on the "Podcasts" page of the website of the Foundation.

Thank you to the COVID-19 Impact Committee!

A mention of the special podcast series on the impacts of the COVID-19 would not be complete without fully thanking the members of the COVID-19 Impact Committee that was created in April 2020 and that completed their term in April 2021. 

The Committee came together, in the first months of the pandemic, at a great moment of uncertainty in Canada and the world, with the objective of sharing their knowledge, expertise and voice with Canadians across the country. The Committee is a shining example of thought leadership and the democratization of knowledge that is central to the work of the Foundation. 

The Committee’s work and impact speaks for itself through:

Recueil d’articles sur les impacts de COVID-19.
  • Commitment to Action Declaration, that builds on publications and articles of the Committee, and that sets a path towards rebuilding a stronger and more equal, post-pandemic society.
  • Public presentation of the Declaration in April 2021, during a conference of the International Women’s Forum - Canada, by Vardit Ravitsky, 2020 Fellow, the Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin, 2020 Mentor, and Pascale Fournier, President and CEO.
 Vardit Ravitsky, fellow 2020, la très honorable Beverley McLachlin, mentore 2020, et Pascale Fournier, présidente et cheffe de la direction.

Thank you to all members of the COVID-19 Impact Committee, and a special thank you to the Chair of the Committee, Vardit Ravitsky, 2020 Fellow, for her infectious energy and unrelenting commitment to the Committee and the public.

Le comité sur les impacts de la COVID-19

Nomination period closed!

We are delighted to announce that we have received close to 500 applications for our 2022 Call for Scholarship Applications process. This is a credit to our community. Our team at the Foundation and the Application and Nomination Review Committee (ANRC) will have their work cut out for them over the coming months! 

Our Alumni Network Executive Committee has been renewed! 

We are pleased to announce that Senator Patti Laboucane-Benson, 2004 Scholar, Milad Parpouchi 2017 Scholar, and Alain-G. Gagnon, 2010 Fellow, are joining the Foundation's Alumni Network Executive Committee.

The executive committee is complete with the reappointments of Robert Leckey 2003 Scholar, Libe Garcia Zarranz, 2010 Scholar, Sophie Thériault, 2003 Scholar, and Jean Lebel, 2016 Mentor.

Thanks to Lisa Helps, 2006 Scholar, and Steven Loft, 2010 Fellow, for their commitment since 2019.

In addition, Sophie Thériault is taking over from Lisa Helps as Co-chair of the Alumni Network Executive Committee. Congratulations Sophie!

Comité exécutif du réseau des
From left to right, top to bottom: Robert Leckey (2003 Scholar and Co-chair), Sophie Thériault (2003 Scholar and Co-chair), Alain-G. Gagnon (2010 Fellow), Patti Laboucane-Benson (2004 Scholar), Jean Lebel (2016 Mentor), Libe Garcia Zarranz (2010 Scholar), Milad Parpouchi (2017 Scholar).

Our Advisory Committee on Diversity is growing!

We are pleased to announce that Lydie C. Belporo, 2021 Scholar, is joining the Advisory Committee on Diversity for a one-year renewable term.

In addition, Margarida Garcia, 2004 Scholar, will join Mary Anne Chambers, 2018 Mentor as Co-chair of the Advisory Committee. Congratulations Margarida!

Thank you to Roméo Saganash for serving as Co-chair since the inception of the Advisory Committee in 2020.

Comité consultatif sur la diversité
First column: The Co-chairs: Mary Anne Chambers (2018 Mentor), Margarida Garcia (2004 Scholar). || From left to right, top to bottom for the rest (in alphabetical order): Lydie C. Belporo (2021 Scholar), Magaly Brodeur (2009 Scholar), Randall Harp (2020 Fellow), Patti Laboucane-Benson (2004 Scholar), D. Memee Lavell-Harvard (2003 Scholar), Caroline Leblanc (2019 Scholar), Poonam Puri (2016 Fellow), Bernard Richard (2012 Mentor), Romeo Saganash (2005 Mentor), Darren Saunders (2019 Scholar), Jamie Snook ( 2017 Scholar), Charlie Wall-Andrews (2020 Scholar).

New Directors and Members of the Foundation

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Françoise Bertrand, 2013 Mentor, and Dr. Ginger Gibson, 2004 Scholar, have joined the Foundation's Board of Directors as Directors.

Directors manage and oversee the management of the business and affairs of the Foundation. They are elected by the Members of the Foundation for a renewable term of two years.

Françoise Bertrand et Ginger Gibson

We would also like to announce the appointment of Mr. John Fraser, 2015 Mentor, and Ms. Danielle Ferron, Associate Lawyer at Langlois Avocats, as Members of the Foundation. Ms. Ferron was also elected Secretary of the Foundation. Welcome and congratulations

The Members of the Foundation are individuals interested in promoting and protecting the mission of the Foundation, and do so for a renewable five-year term. Members elect the Directors of the Board of Directors, approve amendments to the by-laws and appoint the external auditor.

Danielle Ferron et John Fraser

News from the Community

📢 In case you missed them, you can read:

More knowledge sharing from the community

Recent book launches

Rebel courts

René Provost, 2015 Fellow, launched his book Rebel Courts: the Administration of Justice by Armed Insurgents, which was his fellowship project during his time at the Foundation


Take hear

Environmental philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore and Bob Haverluck, 2020 Mentor and artist, share twenty-two life-inspired essays and drawings in their book: Take Heart: Encouragement for Earth's Weary Lovers. Moore and Haverluck encourage us to join or continue Earth's work, with deep, honest reasons that remind us that the struggle matters.

Prizes and Nominations

Congratulations to Christine Brabant, 2006 Scholar, recipeint of the Louise-Dandurand du Fonds de recherche – Society and culture award!  

Congratulations to Bernard Duhaime, 2017 Fellow, and to Robert Leckey, 2003 Scholar, for being awarded the honorary distinction of Advocatus Emeritus (Ad. E.) by the Quebec Bar!

Congratulations to Stéphanie Roy, 2017 Scholar, and Jérémy Boulanger-Bonnelly, 2020 Scholar, for their nomination as finalists for the Pro Bono and Social Involvement Award at the 2021 Gala of the Jeune Barreau du Québec!

Congratulations to Rita Shelton Deverell, 2011 Mentor, on her appointment as the 10th Chancellor of Lakehead University.

Congratulations to Steven Hoffman, 2012 Scholar and member of our former COVID-19 Impact Committee, on his appointment as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences!

Congratulations to Alain-G. Gagnon, 2010 Fellow and member of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Network, for being elected President of the Royal Society of Canada for a three-year term that will officially begin in November 2022. 

Congratulations to membres de notre communauté qui ont été reconnus par la Société royale du Canada cet automne : 

  • Poonam Puri, 2016 Fellow, recipient of the Yvan Allaire Medal, for her distinguished contribution in the field of corporate governance of private and public companies;
  • Catherine Potvin, 2016 Fellow, recipient of the Sir John William Dawson Medal for her distinguished contribution to several fields of knowledge;
  • Will Kymlick, 2005 Fellow, for receiving the Pierre Chauveau Medal for outstanding contributions to the humanities and social sciences;
  • Jason Lewis, 2014 Fellow, and Catherine Dauvergne, 2012 Fellow, for being elected as Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada.

Members of the community in the news!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Finally, the Foundation's team would like to wish you all happy holidays and Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you again in 2022!

Holiday wishes

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