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Sara Angel

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Founder and Executive Director of the Art Canada Institute
Massey College

    Sara Angel holds a PhD from the University of Toronto, where she wrote her dissertation on the Montreal art dealer Max Stern and the restitution of his Nazi-looted art. An expert on the subject of art restitution and art crime she teaches on both subjects at York University where she is an adjunct professor. Angel is a frequent media commentator on Nazi-looted art. She has appeared on The Agenda; as well, her writing has been published in The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s, and ArtNews.

    Angel is the Founder and Executive Director of the Art Canada Institute, the only national institution with an exclusive mandate to further the education and awareness of Canadian art and its history and to promote it to a broad public audience, in French and English, within Canada and internationally. Art Canada Institute programming includes five key initiatives: The Canadian Online Art Book Project: the only open-source and bilingual authoritative and comprehensive online resource on Canadian art; The Canadian Schools Art Education Program: the only open-source and bilingual national program to offer schools resources on Canadian art for cross-curricular, in depth learning experiences; ACI Fellowships that fostering studies on Canadian artists whose lives and works have been historically underrepresented; a weekly newsletter on Canadian art; and public lectures on Canadian art education. Through these initiatives the Art Canada Institute is fundamentally changing art education, awareness, and interest by enabling all to participate in the conversation about Canadian art regardless of their access or proximity to a bricks-and- mortar museum. 

    Prior to completing her PhD Angel had an extensive career in arts journalism and publishing, including being a commentator for CBC television’s On the Arts, an editor for Saturday Night, and a columnist for The National Post and editor-in-chief of ChatelaineA leading voice on contemporary visual culture, Angel writes for publications including as Maclean’s, The Walrus, and The Globe and Mail to make the world of art accessible to a broad audience. Her academic writing has appeared in the Journal of Canadian Art History, Leonardo: The Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. She has been a guest lecturer at Harvard University, the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Israel Museum of Art.

    An active volunteer, Angel devotes a portion of her day to doing work for not-for profit organizations. She is a Director of Canadian Stage and on the Development Committee of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation. She has served as a Director of both PEN Canada and Dancing with Parkinson’s. She has raised funds as a SickKids Leader for the Hospital for Sick Children, and has been an advisor to Re-think Breast Cancer, Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, and The Stop Community Centre.