Institutes of Engaged Leadership
During the first year of the leadership program, Scholars attend our Institutes of Engaged Leadership in locations across Canada and the world. These weeklong events are the setting for learning sessions led by Fellows and Mentors, and for community building among Scholars, Fellows and Mentors.
Organization of the Impact Conference
Building on the experience and leadership training received in year one, Scholars collectively organize a public conference during their second year, to share knowledge with the general public and foster community dialogue on key societal issues. They receive guidance and support from Fellows and Mentors.
Presentation of the Impact Conference
Scholars hold their conference event in the third and final year of the leadership program. The Impact Conference is an opportunity to experiment with a diverse range of knowledge dissemination practices and creative formats, in an effort to democratize knowledge and improve social inclusion.
Your benefits

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholars receive:

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholars receive:

  • Membership in a vibrant community of Scholars, Mentors, and Fellows, all of whom are leaders in their respective disciplines and sectors 

  • Leadership training from our Mentors and Fellows, including unique experiential learning opportunities that enrich and complement their academic experience  

  • Opportunities to acquire greater proficiency in Canada’s official languages (French and English) as well as Indigenous languages 

  • Lifelong membership in the Foundation’s alumni network. 

  • Up to $40,000 per year for three years to cover tuition and reasonable living expenses to focus on their doctoral studies and the Foundation's leadership program

  • Up to $20,000 per year for three years, for the learning of languages (see below), for travel and accommodations for the Foundation's leadership program and for research, networking, and travel related to their doctoral research  
Your commitment

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholars must:

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholars must:

  • Engage in Foundation in-person and digital events, including custom-designed Institutes of Engaged Leadership and Retreats during the first year of their term. NOTE: Due to the situation stemming from COVID-19, the format of forthcoming events will be adapted in accordance with national and local restrictions. Some small in-person gatherings may take place, if conditions allow. Otherwise, the Foundation will continue to engage its community through digital events. 

  • Collectively organize a conference event (Impact Conference) during the second year of the leadership program and present this conference during the third year 

  • Serve their communities as volunteers: Outside Foundation programming, active Scholars are expected to perform 30 hours of volunteer service or community initiatives each year and report on these activities to the Foundation. The Foundation takes a broad interpretation on volunteerism, particularly within the context of COVID-19.  

  • If they are not fluently bilingual in both of Canada’s Official Languages (French and English), take steps, through formal or informal training, to improve their proficiency in the Official Language with which they are less familiar. Scholars also commit to becoming more familiar with Canada’s Indigenous Languages through the leadership program. 

Languages learning

Opportunities to acquire greater proficiency in Canada’s languages 

Opportunities to acquire greater proficiency in Canada’s languages 

The Foundation recognizes that knowledge of multiple languages is a hallmark of leaders, academics, public intellectuals, and innovative thinkers, and is a strength and advantage both professionally and personally. Possessing an understanding of Canada's Official Languages (French and English) enhances Scholars' experience within the multilingual context of the Foundation's events, as well as offers a greater understanding of Canada. The Foundation further recognizes the past exclusion of Indigenous Languages from much of Canadian academe and wishes to support Indigenous Languages as an integral part of Canada’s historic and future development.  

All Scholars who are not fluently bilingual in both Official Languages (French and English) are expected to take steps through formal or informal training to improve their proficiency in the Official Language with which they are less familiar. Following their nomination, Scholars will be also provided with opportunities to familiarize themselves with one or more Indigenous Languages through Foundation-led activities, and optional opportunities to pursue more intensive training in an Indigenous Language. Scholars will be asked to develop and provide Study Plans for their additional language study.  


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