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Jean Lebel

  • Mentor 2016
  • Alumni
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International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

    Jean Lebel has devoted his career to supporting scientists to ensure that quality research related to international development issues can be used in public policy to improve the environment, human health, socio-economic conditions, education, and science and technology policies.  He has participated in the creation of numerous financial and scientific partnership agreements with multilateral, bilateral and private organizations to enable the growth of research for international development.

    He is currently a Fellow and Associate Professor of the Institut d'études internationales de Montréal at the Université du Québec à Montréal.  He is also Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Institut de la Francophonie pour le développement durable (IFDD), a member of the Board of Directors of Développement International Desjardins, an advisory member of the Forum Sciences et Politiques du Gouvernement du Québec and a member of the advisory committee of the Conférence de Montréal (FEIA).  He also contributes to the blog of the Conseil des relations internationales de Montréal (CORIM).

    He has been a member of numerous technical and governance committees in the field of international development, as well as President and CEO of Canada's International Development Research Centre (2013-2023) and mentor of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation (2016).