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Alain-Désiré Nimubona

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Associate Professor, Department of Economics
University of Waterloo

    Alain-Désiré Nimubona is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Waterloo and an Affiliated Researcher at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Analysis on Organizations (CIRANO). He obtained a License in Economics and Management Sciences, with high distinction, from the University of Burundi, as well as an MSc and a PhD in Applied Economics from HEC Montreal (affiliated with the University of Montreal). Alain-Désiré Nimubona is interested in both empirical and theoretical research related to sustainable development. Among others topics, he researches the interaction between the stringency of environmental regulation and the structure of the eco-industry - the specialized industry that supplies goods and services to deal with pollution and the conservation of environmental resources. One of his current research projects accounts for the behaviour of this eco-industry to examine how Alberta oil sands mining firms make decisions regarding the use of abatement goods and services to reduce their environmental footprint. He has produced academic articles and research reports in the areas of development economics, entrepreneurship, and environmental economics, including recent articles in leading journals such as Annals of Economics and Statistics, Resource and Energy Economics, and Journal of Population Economics.

    Alain-Désiré Nimubona has also been involved in public policy formulation, notably as a consultant at the Institute for Economic Development (IDEC) in Burundi, the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) in Burundi, the ministry of planning and reconstruction of the Republic of Burundi, and the Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN). He has won many awards and distinctions, including, amongst others, scholarships from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Trudeau Foundation, and an International Prize from the Belgian Development Cooperation.

    Experience as a Trudeau Scholar

    The intellectual and financial support I have enjoyed as a Trudeau Scholar extends far beyond the ordinary. First, I had the privilege of participating in discussion meetings, along with other members of the Trudeau community and many illustrious guests, on a wide variety of socio-economic and political issues worthy of debate at the national and international level. Every time, from our differing points of view and divergent backgrounds and skills, we developed a rewarding synergy that led to valuable proposals. This is how I discovered the extent to which true knowledge must be interdisciplinary. Second, as someone who has until now moved in strictly academic circles, I have had the advantage of being exposed to the realities of the professional world, thanks to the presence within the Trudeau community of many eminent people from the public service, NGOs, international institutions and the business world. Third, the Trudeau Foundation has contributed enormously to my introduction to the international network of environmental economists. The annual travel allowance that is included in the Trudeau Scholarship has allowed me to travel to many different countries to work with renowned experts and institutions.