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Lisa Helps

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  • Scholar 2006
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City of Victoria

Lisa Helps was a 2006 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar and is the co-president the Alumni Network Executive Committee. She joined the Board of Directors March 15, 2020. She is the Mayor of Victoria.

Not satisfied with the disjuncture between the so-called ivory tower and the rest of the world, Lisa Helps spends much of her time as a community activist committed to place-based solutions to global and national challenges, and increasing citizen engagement. She was Councilor for the City of Victoria and Executive Director of the Community Micro Lending Society ( in Victoria, British Columbia, and was elected Mayor of the city of Victoria on 15 November 2014. She also sits on the Program Committee of Leadership Victoria, a local organization that runs a multi-sector community leadership program. She was Chair of the Board of Directors of Fernwood NRG, a neighbourhood organization, when the Society purchased and restored a run down building in the heart of the neighbourhood, built affordable housing units, and opened the Cornerstone Café as an enterprising non-profit venture. She has also served as chair of the Bread and Roses Collective, which produces the monthly Victoria Street Newz.