President's Message

Dear members and friends of our community,

At this beginning of January, and on behalf of the entire Foundation team, we are delighted to wish you a wonderful 2022!  May this year be filled with peace and genuine connections, harmonious relationships that enliven our days, and acts of kindness and mutual support. 

Entering into a new year also marks a transition from a previous chapter of our lives as a community: reminiscing shared and true moments of open dialogue, cherishing meaningful joys and celebrating the perpetual synergies within our common spaces. I would like to invite you to join me in this reflective journey with our latest Annual Report, available here: Annual Reports.

Annual report 2020-2021


2020–2021 Annual Report: A reflection of our mission and values

Our Annual Report, as anticipated, presents our accomplishments and financial statements for the year ending August 31, 2021. The avid readers may also be pleased to explore this report as a roadmap which provides a better understanding of who we are, the values of freedom and equality that inspire us, and our aims to foster the critical spirit and nuanced reflections that colour and enhance our intellectual rapports. By the same token, you may encounter traces of your own path within the year’s recollections.

a collage of groupe photos from 2021


The Chair of the Members of the Foundation, John English, and the Chair of the Board of Directors, Edward Johnson, eloquently capture the importance of the Foundation’s mission, the social impact of its role and programs, and the extraordinary value of its engaged leaders accompanied by the Foundation towards a collective future.

Also in store for readers are portraits and personal stories from members of our diverse and inspiring community, opportunities to meet our 2017 and 2018 graduating Scholars and our 2021 Scholars, Fellows and Mentors, and some compelling reflections that many of you wanted to share with us.

In closing, I wish to thank the entire Foundation team for its unwavering commitment and acknowledge the incredible generosity of our donors and major partners. My gratitude also extends to you, our community members and friends, for enriching our perspectives and imbuing our journey with an ideological pluralism that allows for the free and open expression of ideas. We hope you enjoy the read!


Pascale Fournier
President and CEO