Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Mentors focus on the leadership development of our doctoral Scholars, empowering them to have meaningful impact in the world. Mentors act as leadership trainers, guides, and advisors to Scholars during the three-year program.

Our Mentors are accomplished leaders from various sectors -- private, public, parapublic and non-profit -- and professional domains, whose professional achievements reflect the range of skills we believe are of great value to future engaged leaders. That includes, for instance: communication and public engagement, team and project management, entrepreneurial skills, social innovation, negotiation, networking, artistic skills to connect the mind, body and heart, and emotional skills in the face of adversity.
Rob Steiner Mentor
Leadership Development
During the first year of the program, Mentors are responsible for designing and leading practical leadership training sessions for Scholars in the context of our Institutes of Engaged Leadership. These sessions notably aim to offer experiential learning opportunities, thereby helping ensure the Foundation’s activities are rooted in the cities and communities where the Institutes take place.
Nadia Joe Mentor
Impactful Events
In the second and third year of the program, Mentors guide and advise Scholars in the creation of impactful events, as Scholars collectively organize a public conference (year 2) and develop a creative project (year 3) to stimulate public reflection and dialogue on important contemporary societal issues.
Mentors may also take on an individualized guidance role with Scholars, depending on their availability.

For more information on the mentorship program, please contact us at: leadership@trudeaufoundation.ca.