Our Mission
Our Mission
The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation represents much more than a Scholarship. We are a gateway for bold, cutting-edge doctoral researchers to become Engaged Leaders who have meaningful impact in their communities and institutions.

The Foundation fosters the development of Engaged Leadership skills through a three-year program centered on curriculum taught by Fellows and Mentors in settings that take Scholars outside of a traditional university setting. By working alongside others who have a diversity of perspectives and come from different backgrounds, Scholars learn leadership by stepping outside their comfort zone.

Beyond providing generous financial support the doctoral research of outstanding Scholars, we support the development of future Engaged Leaders who inspire innovative approaches as they blaze new trails in the Social Sciences and Humanities.
More than a Scholarship, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is a gateway for bold, cutting-edge doctoral researchers to become leaders with meaningful impact in their institutions and communities.

Together, our Scholars, Mentors, Fellows and alumni form a unique community of academics and leaders who come together to explore new ideas, themes, and horizons.

The Foundation’s community is composed of leaders who explore, ask difficult questions, and discover new horizons. The Foundation’s programs equip Scholars with tools to be courageous and creative leaders in their institutions and communities.


The Foundation’s unique Leadership Program is centered on experiential learning outside the traditional classroom, inspiring innovative approaches and blazing new trails in the Social Sciences and Humanities.


Our vision: to empower Scholars to have meaningful impact in the world. The Foundation has long invested in innovative researchers in a fast-changing landscape and who demonstrate an ability to work with others who hold divergent perspectives from a variety disciplines and different walks of life.

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