Ali Hamandi

Study program:
PhD Health Policy
Current affiliation:
Harvard University

Ali's research is focused on the political economy of health care, especially as it relates to aging in OECD states.

Mr. Hamadi's expertise is focused on the political economy of health care, with a particular interest in aging issues. He studies the issue of the rapidly-aging population and concurrent expenditure on long term care services and supports (LTCSS) for the dependent elderly, which has risen faster than health expenditures in most OECD states.

At the same time, his work considers changes in the family structure and increased female labor-market participation, growing reliance on formal LTCSS funded by either insurance markets, welfare programs or, by, default individual out of pocket contributions and the economic implications insofar as the cost of LTC in Canada, and in other OECD countries.

Ali Hamandi, MSc, is focusing his dissertation on the political economy of aging. As a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar, his research considers issues related to the financing, organization and delivery of long-term care services and supports, both domestically and across high- and middle-income countries. Prior to starting his PhD, Ali worked with various multilateral organizations, the first being the World Health Organization. There, he helped assess and build the capacity for evidence-informed health systems. As a master’s student at the Harvard School of Public Health, Ali consulted for the World Bank on health finance reform in mainly middle-income countries. He also helped assess the economic burden of chronic diseases at the headquarters of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris and the Economist Intelligence Unit in London. As a doctoral student, Ali broadened his experience by working on business strategy in the health sector for SHI Consulting, Microsoft Corporation, and Morneau Shepell. Most recently, he served as a policy adviser to now Minister of Finance of Canada, Bill Morneau during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2016 election campaign. In his spare time, Ali is an avid runner, most recently running the Swiss Alpine Marathon. He is also a regulator contributor to the Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette, the Hill Times, and other Canadians news outlets on mainly political subjects.