12 April 2017

According to Tammara Soma, 2014 scholar, nearly half of the food that is wasted in North America is wasted by individual consumers. Tammara’s expertise on this subject has been cited in a couple of recent articles on the subject. There are a variety of factors that contribute to this phenomenon, including bulk purchasing, our obsession with “fresh” food, and large fridges. Most importantly, there is a lack of food literacy which makes it difficult for individuals to prevent food waste from happening. While events like the Trashed and Wasted Food Festival in Toronto, which showcases dishes made from food which is normally thrown away, present a more extreme way of tackling the issue, there are many simple food-saving tricks that can be incorporated into everyday life. Turning down your fridge temperature, freezing leftovers, regularly taking inventory of your fridge, and planning your meals can make a big difference in reducing your household food waste.

Read about the issue in the Investment Executive and in Metro News.

Tammara Soma

Tammara is studying the factors that influence food consumption and food wasting in urban Indonesia and ways to end the dumping of food waste in landfills.

2014 Scholars