21 June 2017

In an op-ed in Le Devoir, 2016 scholar Antoine Pellerin reflects on the Quebec National Assembly's recent adoption of a bill strengthening municipal autonomy. He believes that conferring new powers to municipalities will likely help them answer faster and more adequately to their populations’ concerns, he wonders if municipalities will really become the level of government closest to the people [gouvernement de proximité]. This bill aims to increase municipal authority in matters of city planning, to decrease their obligations regarding accountability, and to offer them greater control over the application of property tax.

Read the full article in Le Devoir (in French only)

Antoine Pellerin

Antoine Pellerin (droit, Université Laval) s’intéresse au pouvoir contractuel de l’État et cherche les conditions nécessaires pour que celui-ci soit exercé dans l’intérêt public.

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