7 May 2014

The book Perspectives d'avenir pour le Québec, on which Trudeau scholars Joël Thibert and Laure Waridel contributed to under the direction of two other Trudeau scholars, Magaly Brodeur and Simon Thibault, was mentioned by journalist Francis Vailles in business section of the daily newspaper La Presse last week. The article discusses potential solutions to the problem of public finances in Quebec. Perspectives d'avenir pour le Québec was cited in the article as a reference source offering several options to explore in order to restore the province’s public finances.

To read the entire article (French only), please click here: http://affaires.lapresse.ca/opinions/chroniques/francis-vailles/201405/03/01-4763365-les-quebecois-ne-sont-pas-des-je-men-foutistes.php

Joël Thibert

Joël Thibert's academic and professional background straddles urban planning and public policy, exploring the relationship between humans and the world they live in and the means at their disposal to fashion their own universe.

2010 Scholars

Laure Waridel

Laure is exploring a vision of sustainable development that reconciles ecological, social and economic viability

2011 Scholars

Magaly Brodeur

Magaly studies the impact of scientific controversies on public policies concerning gambling in Quebec.

2009 Scholars

Simon Thibault

Simon is drawing on the experience of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo to study the approaches taken by international implementers of media reform in countries in reconstruction.

2010 Scholars