28 February 2013 - 6:30pm

Robert B. Schultz Theatre, St. John’s College, Fort Garry Campus

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The Case for Public Knowledge

In the first Trudeau Lecture to come to the University of Manitoba, renowned public historian Ronald Rudin, a 2011 Trudeau fellow and a professor of history at Concordia University, will call for university-based researchers to use the tools at their disposal to make their research freely available to the public.

“Taxpayers typically provide the funds that allow researchers to create knowledge,” says Professor Rudin. “Yet the resulting journal articles end up being distributed by for-profit corporations that do not compensate researchers, either as authors or as peer reviewers. These corporations then sell these electronic journals to university libraries, requiring them to restrict access to students and faculty and leaving taxpayers out in the cold.”

Professor Rudin will talk about how his involvement with open access issues and the production of digital media changed him from someone who was not particularly concerned about public knowledge, to an advocate of researchers using simple actions to make publicly accessible the knowledge they create.

Ronald Rudin is the producer of two documentary films and the author of six books. One of his works, Remembering and Forgetting in Acadie: A Historian's Journey through Public Memory, won the 2010 book award of the National (U.S.) Council on Public History and the inaugural public history prize of the Canadian Historical Association (2011). A public historian who has long had an interest in how the larger population comes to understand the past, Rudin engages in research that touches upon the economic, social, intellectual, and cultural history of French Canada.

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Ronald Rudin

Professor Rudin is a renowned public historian who innovatively combines various technologies and media -- books, films, Internet, and GPS -- to tell stories about the past.

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