We empower Scholars to have meaningful impact in their communities and institutions. 

More than a scholarship, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation’s program is a gateway for bold and innovative thinkers who seek meaningful impact in their communities and institutions. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation 2020 Scholarship competition is now underway!

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The Foundation community gathered for our first official Institute of Engaged Leadership from October 27th to November 1st 2019 in Yellowknife, NWT. Scholars, Mentors, and Fellows came together for a week of community-building and learning on the theme of Power & Knowledge. Canada’s North is an essential – and yet sometimes overlooked – part of the country where the intersection between power and knowledge has unique meaning. 

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As we learned from the Future Forums, great research must not only serve a purpose, but it must also respond to new realities in communities across Canada and around the world. To target these needs, researchers need to take the time to connect and build relationships with community members, listen and observe as an anthropologist would, and above all, involve the community in the research process. 

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The Future Forums explored the concepts of Engaged Leadership and Inclusive Excellence, with the objective of being shared within the Foundation community and with the general public. The hope is that this collection of observations and conclusions may be helpful in encouraging new research to be responsive to new realities—whether intellectual, social, cultural, technological, environmental and economic—in communities across Canada and around the world.

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The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation encourages research, reflection and action in four areas important to Canadians: human rights and dignityresponsible citizenshipCanada and the world, and people and their natural environment. The Foundation works through four programs: it grants doctoral scholarships, it awards fellowships to distinguished academics, it appoints mentors and it holds public conferences.