An Odyssey of Ideas: A fascinating Institute of Engaged Leadership in Vancouver!


Last August, our 2022-2025 cohort was in Vancouver, British Columbia, for an Institute of Engaged Leadership on the theme of Global Economies, the scientific cycle chosen for this cohort. 

Our Scholars, Fellows, and Mentors were able to deepen their personal reflections on this theme and compare their perceptions with their colleagues through a rich mix of discussion, cultural discovery, and community engagement.

The event began with a screening of thought-provoking short films produced by the 2022 Scholars. Researchers Tobias Schminke, Marjolaine Lamontagne, David Eliot, Mariame Ouedraogo, Roojin Habibi, Alexandre Petitclerc and Felix Amoh-Siaw had the opportunity to share their work with their peers. The screening was followed by a dinner, which gave the Scholars a chance to get to know one another, and one another’s work, in a convivial setting.


The second day opened with an inspiring session on experiential learning hosted by Jean-Frédéric Morin and Virginia Haufler, both 2022 Fellows, who organized three debates inviting Scholars to analyze and defend their views on crucial issues concerning Global Economies. A day later, 2022 Fellow, Johanne Brunet, organized a tour of Vancouver's filming locations and hosted intriguing discussions led by industry leaders from around the world. Participants also attended a conference with Hans Fraikin, former Film Commissioner of Abu Dhabi and former Film Commissioner of Quebec, and visited to the Port of Vancouver, a major trading center, in the company of its former CEO, Robin Silvester.

For the penultimate day of the Scholars' journey, 2022 Mentor, Barbara Grantham, guided visits to the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre and Istken Hall, in Whistler, to highlight the significant impact of the global economy on local communities, and to foster a better understanding of the cultural heritage of the Squamish and Lil'wat First Nations.


The Institute concluded by a dynamic session with community panelists, led by 2022 Mentor, Monique Smith, and 2022 Fellow, Albert Yoon, who discussed the impact of global trade on the Vancouver community. To mark the end of the Institute, distinguished members of the alumni community and special guests shared a meal with our Scholars, Fellows, and Mentors. 

As is now the tradition, the Institute not only provided scholars with a better understanding of the scientific cycle, in this case, Global Economies, but also fostered the emergence of a community of people able to engage with the subject from different - and sometimes even divergent - perspectives, to the benefit of an individual or collective contribution geared towards making a real difference in the long term. Once again, the Institute created an environment conducive to intellectual development, respectful dialogue, and a networking with those beyond the Foundation’s intimate community, allowing Scholars to forge relationships that will extend far beyond the confines of the transformative week in Vancouver.

Photo Credit: Joe Alvoeiro / Fotografika