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Felix Amoh-Siaw

  • Scholar 2022
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Social Sciences, Global Studies
University of British Columbia

    Felix Amoh-Siaw is from Ghana but considers the entire African continent his home and the people, his relatives. He is a Ph.D. student of Interdisciplinary Global Studies at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus—UBCO). Felix holds an MA degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from Shanghai University (Mainland China). As a result, he speaks little Mandarin.

    Felix’s current research challenges some “derogatory” presentations and representations in the media, academia, and the global policy environment of people caught up in genocides and armed conflicts. He aims to show how such presentations and representations simultaneously misinform the UN and great powers’ intervention on the continent and reinforce a “hegemonic discourse” of Africa’s lack of human agency.

    At UBCO, Felix sits on the College of Graduate Studies Graduate Council and the Graduate Students Advisory Committee as the Ph.D. and Global Studies representative, respectively. His primary interest is to be a beacon of hope and an embodiment of resilience for minority and less-privileged voices within his community and the world.

    By embarking on this journey with the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, Felix aims to explore and engage with diverse worldviews to sharpen his leadership and academic perspicacity toward becoming an influential global leader and scholar.