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Jean-Frédéric Morin

  • Fellow 2022
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Full Professor Political Science
Université Laval

    Jean-Frédéric Morin is Full Professor at the Political Science Department and the Canada Research Chair in International Political Economy at Laval University. His research focuses on international institutions that govern the globalization process, particularly with regards to their effects on the environment, culture and public health. His articles are regularly published in top-tiered political science, economics and law journals.

    Dr Morin advises governments and international organizations that seek to integrate economic globalization into other areas of public policy. He regularly collaborates with think tanks (IDDRI, DIE, CIGI, CIC, ICTSD, etc.) to communicate his findings with decision-makers.

    Jean-Frédéric highly values working with his students. Namely, he fosters productive relationships between his students and international networking opportunities. Many of his former doctoral and post-doctoral students have become emerging leaders in their respective fields, both within and outside academia. It is within this context that his Faculty awarded him the 2020 Excellence Award for Graduate Supervision.

    Jean-Frédéric’s goals in 2022 are to run his first marathon and to learn the basics of drumming to accompany his two daughter musicians.