24 January 2018

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is proud to announce the publication of its 2016-2017 Annual Report, “The Foundation for Ideas.” The report illustrates how the Foundation’s four programs have enabled research and engagement in the social sciences and humanities in the year ending 31 August 2017. It also contains the Foundation’s audited financial statements for the year.

As hinted at in the report’s title, “the Foundation does much more than fund ideas.” In their joint message, the Foundation’s chair and its president declare: “We believe in the importance of making research accessible outside the universities – making it available to policymakers and citizens in accessible language, sharing it not only in academic journals but in traditional and new media as well.”

John McCall MacBain (Chair) and Morris Rosenberg (President) also emphasize how important it is for the Foundation to “break down silos and challenge conventional thinking.” To do so, the Foundation increasingly organizes events “that bring different sectors, different disciplines, and different generations together.”

Testimonies from fellows, mentors, and scholars on their impressions of the Foundation’s work feature prominently in this year’s report. “There’s a thirst for change and the Foundation makes thoughtful, socially conscious academic citizenship possible,” declares Zoe Todd, a 2011 Trudeau scholar.

Jillian Stirk, a 2016 Trudeau mentor, adds that “The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation’s support established the credibility of [The Pluralism Project] and helped open doors to a whole different set of audiences that we would not necessarily have reached otherwise.”

To learn more, please consult the 2016-2017 Annual Report. Happy reading!

Zoe Todd

Zoe is examining the impact of mining development in the Northwest Territories on women's subsistence fishing

2011 Scholars

Jillian Stirk

Retired after 30 years of service in the foreign service, she brings strategic expertise in foreign policy and multilateral negotiations.

2015 Mentors

Bernard Richard

An Acadian lawyer and a former social worker and former MLA, Bernard Richer has been appointed ombudsman and first child and youth advocate of New Brunswick. He is Administrator of the Alumni Society of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

2012 Mentors

Melanie Doucet

She is analyzing the social and health services that youth receive from the Child Protection System to propose ways to improve them.

2014 Scholars

Bessma Momani

Professor Bessma Momani is an expert on global economic governance issues, Canadian foreign policy, Arab Spring, Arab Canadians and Arab youth.

2018 Directors

Steven Hoffman

Steven Hoffman wishes to leverage Canadian innovations in public health to help resolve health and security issues on the international scene.

2012 Scholars