Carlo Charles: Psychopathology of Crossing

Our 2019 Scholar Carlo Charles has co-authored an article in the Journal of Loss and Trauma. The article focuses on the state of Haitian Asylum Seekers' mental health in Canada, highlighting how meaningful social relationships, the quality of health, and social services contribute to the construction of resilience.

The full article is available here (access limited to subscribers of the journal). 


Carlo Charles is pursuing a joint doctoral degree in sociology at McMaster University in Canada and in geography at the Université des Antilles in France. His doctoral research focuses on how cross­-cultural understandings of race, ethnicity, and nationalism shape the socio-­political integration of Haitian refugees in Canada and France.

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Carlo Charles

  • Scholar 2019
Black Refuge: Ethno-racialization, Nationalism, and the Socio-political Integration of Haitians in Canada and France