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Carlo Charles

  • Scholar 2019
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Sociology and Geography
McMaster University and Université des Antilles

Carlo Charles is pursuing a joint doctoral degree in sociology at McMaster University in Canada and in geography at the Université des Antilles in France.

His doctoral research focuses on how cross­-cultural understandings of race, ethnicity, and nationalism shape the socio-­political integration of Haitian refugees in Canada and France. He currently works as a Teaching Assistant and holds Graduate, Entrance, and Recruitment Scholarships for his doctoral studies at McMaster University.

While pursuing his Doctoral studies, Carlo is also a Visiting Doctoral Student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto (2019). He holds a Master’s in Sociology and a Graduate Diploma in Refugee and Migration Studies from York University (2018), as well as a Master’s in Sociology (2017), Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (2016) from the Université Lumière Lyon II in France.