"S'ouvrir aux Amériques" by Bernard Duhaime (2017 Fellow)

We are proud to announce the release of Bernard Duhaime's book, "S'ouvrir aux Amériques", an in-depth exploration of human rights protection. A 2017 Fellow of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, Bernard Duhaime is a professor of international law at UQAM and a specialist in the inter-American human rights system, with over two decades of involvement in this field.

This book, which reflects his expertise and engagement, is essential for anyone passionate about social justice and human rights. Presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Association for Latin American Studies, "S'ouvrir aux Amériques" stands out as a significant contribution to our collective understanding of human rights issues across the continent.

Mr. Duhaime's project aspires to establish a platform for exchange and inspiration, drawing on Latin American lessons to enrich Canadian dialogue and foster a "transfer of knowledge from the South to the North".


Find out more about his book at the Presses de l’Université du Québec.

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Bernard Duhaime

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Professor Bernard Duhaime's project proposes to create a platform that will allow Canadians to learn from Latin American experiences protecting…