Shifting Away from the Ivory Tower: Gina Beltran in University Affairs

Is modern-day academia true to the “ivory tower” cliché? A new generation of leaders push against such conventional wisdom by emphasizing the bridges that universities and their doctoral programs can build across resources and expertise. Through their academic work, Bailey Gerrits, a 2015 Trudeau scholar, and Ashley Whillans actively counter the premise that research universities are solely responsible for knowledge-creation and diffusion.

“Their frank and engaged ways evoke the image of a public square where people from all walks of life meet to exchange ideas, build dialogue, work together, but also simply sit down and chat,” analyzed Gina Beltran in University Affairs. Beltran has been a program officer responsible leadership and public interaction at the Foundation since 2016. Read the full article here.

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Bailey Gerrits

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Bailey Gerrits (political studies, Queen's University) is examining media coverage of domestic violence and the way that Canadian media seem to…