Robert Leckey: Fifteen years after equal marriage

On 10 June 2003, the Ontario Court of Appeal made history by allowing Canada’s first same-sex marriages. In an opinion piece published on 12 June 2018 in The Globe and Mail, 2003 Foundation scholar and dean of the McGill University Faculty of Law Robert Leckey celebrated the past 15 years’ successes and assessed the remaining challenges. “Equal marriage did not solve all legal issues for our LGBTQ communities,” Leckey emphasized, pointing to the legal vulnerability of LGBTQ families, the unabated violence and discrimination against transgender people, and the criminalization of HIV exposure. As the past 15 years’ gains are “neither universal nor immune from reversal,” Leckey recommended Canadians “remain vigilant and keep solidarity with those whose rights and security are less assured.”

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Robert Leckey

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Robert Leckey teaches constitutional law and family law. His ongoing research includes the regulation of adult conjugality, relations between parents…