Reflections on a National Caregiving Strategy by Holly Mathias (2023 Scholar)

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation would like to share an insightful editorial by Holly Mathias (2023 Scholar), which appeared in The Conversation Canada. Ms Mathias' insightful analysis of the National Caregiving Strategy is the result of a reflection initiated at the Institute's "Bridging the Gap: From Research to Practice" session held in Halifax last May, which highlighted the importance of translating research into tangible action.

“The idea of a national caregiving strategy is not new. It was first floated in 2009 as per the recommendations of the Senate Special Committee on Aging. Now, 15 years later, Canada is one of the few high-income countries that do not have a national caregiving strategy. […] The time is right for a Canadian strategy. In addition to not wanting to lag behind other high-income countries, the challenges facing Canadian caregivers have become more apparent in recent years.”

Holly Mathias' paper does more than present data; it embodies a call to action for meaningful social transformation. By highlighting the challenges and opportunities inherent in care provision in Canada, she opens up a vital dialogue about how we can collectively support those at the heart of our care economy. Ms Mathias' doctoral research uses an engaged knowledge approach to examine the gendered experiences of family caregivers of substance abusers in rural Canada.

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Holly Mathias

  • Scholar 2023
Holly Mathias is a PhD student in the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta.