Marie-Ève Desroches: Cities, Social Housing, and Health Inequalities

Power and vulnerability dynamics in urban housing only get steeper when gender comes into play. In an interview (French only) for Radio-Canada’s “Les années lumières” on 8 April 2018, 2016 Foundation scholar Marie-Ève ​​Desroches explained how cities simultaneously can address housing and health inequities, in particular for vulnerable women. Desroches noted how public health policies encourage projects to build community support housing. Through her comparative study of Montréal, Toronto, and Vancouver, she concluded that these urban housing projects can reduce women’s vulnerability and help address the health inequalities that remain all too prevalent in Canadian urban areas.


Marie-Ève Desroches is a 2016 Foundation scholar and a doctoral candidate in urban studies at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique. Listen to her interview.

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Marie-Ève Desroches

  • Scholar 2016
Marie-Ève Desroches (urban studies, Institut national de la recherche scientifique) is investigating the factors that influence the adoption of…