Ido Katri: Accounting for Intersectional Harms in Discrimination Cases

A growing number of domestic and international legal regimes are adopting provisions prohibiting sex- and race-based discrimination. Against this background, how do courts approach intersectional cases of discrimination, in which multiple categories of difference are involved and generate a unique form of lived discrimination? By engaging with discrimination legal cases, Ido Katri recognizes intersectional harms and facilitates a broader systemic account of exclusion. His article, “The banishment of Isaac: Racial signifiers of gender performance,” has been published in the University of Toronto Law Journal.


Ido Katri is a 2016 Trudeau scholar and a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law. Read the full publication here.

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Ido Katri

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Ido Katri (law, University of Toronto) is proposing an approach to promoting gender self-determination that accounts for the diversity of…