Caroline Leblanc: Homelessness & curfews

In the latest edition of Revue Intervention, 2019 Scholar Caroline Leblanc describes the challenges faced by the homeless during the pandemic on a personal, social and economic level. Her article addresses  the severe shortage housing and shelter and describes the reality of life for the homeless during this critical time.


In a recent La Presse Op-Ed, Caroline writes that the homeless have been forgotten in the decision-making process that led to the COVID-19 curfew in Quebec.Taking into account the fear of infection and the intricacies of shelter rules and regulations, Caroline concludes that enforcing fines on the homeless for breaking curfew makes things more difficult for marginalized people, trapping them in life on the street.


Read Caroline Leblanc’s full Revue Intervention article here.

Read her La Presse Op-Ed here.


Caroline's perseverance is behind her pursuit of doctoral research in order to deepen our understanding of homelessness and to innovate towards actions that will leave no one behind. Having experienced homelessness herself, she cares about human dignity and social justice. 

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Caroline Leblanc

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Improving Access and Adequacy of Resources for People Living on the Street in Winter: Participatory Research in Canada and France. MEMBER OF THE…