Benjamin Gagnon Chainey: Humanity in Caregiving

What are our ambivalences and our struggles, both individual and collective, in the face of illness? As described in his research account (French only) for Découvrir, the magazine of the Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas), the  doctoral research of 2017 Trudeau scholar Benjamin Gagnon Chainey is decidedly “medico-literary.” It attempts to (re)connect caregivers to the riches of the literary, cultural, and artistic history of clinical practice. To this end, Gagnon Chainey establishes dialogues between medically-inspired 19th century authors and the work of Hervé Guibert, a multidisciplinary French writer who died at the height of the AIDS pandemic in 1991. Benjamin’s scientific and literary vocations allow him to breathe more humanity into the caregiving relationship. Read the full article here.

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Benjamin Gagnon Chainey

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Benjamin Gagnon Chainey, pht, PhD, is a physiotherapist, author, and postdoctoral researcher in the HEALS medical humanities program at Dalhousie…