Anelyse Weiler: New Food Policy Must Include Migrant Workers’ Rights

Despite the many forms of food insecurity endured by migrant farm workers in Canada, policy-makers have been oddly silent about systemic inequities in agricultural and agri-food industries, wrote Anelyse Weiler, Janet McLaughlin and Donald Cole in an opinion piece published by The Toronto Star. All too often, migrant workers’ rights are pitted against the competitiveness of agri-business, they added. Instead of treating migrant workers as “faceless units of labour,” the federal government’s new food policy must include strong representation from workers, they concluded.


Anelyse Weiler is a 2015 Trudeau scholar and a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Toronto. Read the full article here.

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Anelyse Weiler (sociology, University of Toronto) wants to understand how the perspectives of migrant farmworkers in North America on environmental,…