Aimée Morrison: Biographic Mediation of Neurodivergence in Academic Accommodations

2019 Fellow Aimée Morrison has recently contributed to an issue of Biography: an interdisciplinary Quarterly entitled: (Un)Reasonable, (Un)Necessary, and (In)Appropriate Biographic Mediation of Neurodivergence in Academic Accommodations. Aimée states that the model of academic accommodations fundamentally frames disability as a set of (tragic, pathological) medical characteristics that impair "otherwise qualified" (that is to say, able) individuals, who are entitled to "reasonable," "necessary," and "appropriate" special arrangements within their educational or workplace environments as set out in law. 

In lieu of an abstract, a brief excerpt of the content is available here.


Aimée's research examines social media practices by everyday users as forms of life writing often turned to social justice, identity, or community goals. She is a frequent media source on viral media, social media trends, and computing and internet history.