Eye-opening discussions in Victoria

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation’s Future Forums wrapped up in Victoria, BC on March 21 at Government House with discussions around leadership qualities and responsibilities.



Words from the participants

“You need wide-open eyes and binoculars to see into communities we might not otherwise be aware of.”

“Good leaders find people who want to follow, and then help lift them up.”

“In Canada, Indigenous knowledge systems are systematically not included. Canada has a responsibility to consider the knowledge that comes from those originally on this land – this would represent a form of democratization of knowledge.”

“Society privileges certain languages over others, certain sources of knowledge over others, and certain stories over others.”

“Engaged leadership means service. You are in service to your community, whether large or small.”

“We have to start with leaders who actually value a diversity of voices, and a shared vision with others.”

“Being an engaged leader is hard work. A person who is passionate about bringing diverse voices together, with heart, must be willing to do that hard work.”