Diversity: Launch of a new "Brave Spaces" Podcast series

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a new "Brave Spaces" Podcast series on the theme of diversity. The Podcast series is hosted by Dr. Margarida Garcia, 2004 Scholar and Chair of the Foundation’s Advisory Committee on Diversity. 

During these conversations, at times uncomfortable but nevertheless necessary, Dr. Garcia explores with the Scholars, Fellows and Mentors of the Foundation’s Diversity Committee the possible blind spots and unintended consequences of EDI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) while trying to present a plurality of perspectives…at the risk of taking the listener out of his or her comfort zone. 

Why is it important to embrace diversity and inclusion in various professional settings, including in our daily lives? What are the biggest challenges or paradoxes that we currently face when it comes to diversity? When we talk about diversity and inclusion, what aspects are less visible in the public realm which we would benefit from debating? What are the implications for democracy and academic freedom of making certain topics of discussion taboo? 

Diversity, an essential element in tomorrow's researchers’ toolbox when seeking answers to complex problems, is one of six values identified by the Foundation in its Leadership Curriculum. At the Foundation, Brave Spaces are environments that are accountable and democratic, valuing difference and encouraging participants to share their experience and come to new understandings. In our program, community members accept to take risks as we choose a path that – although it may elicit discomfort – ultimately prompts creativity, freedom, and greater dialogue. In this context, Scholars are not only highly talented researchers but they are selected because of their curiosity, their courage and their human qualities. The leadership journey they undertake, which is supported by our Mentors and Fellows, will allow them to take advantage of a 360º view in order to acquire the tools and skills of engaged leaders. 

The new Diversity Podcast series is a continuation of the “Brave Spaces” podcast, which explores the concept of engaged leadership through the experiences of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholars, Fellows and Mentors. Through a plurality of perspectives, this Podcast promotes dialogue beyond differences and brings an authentic debate of ideas rooted in academic openness and critical thinking. 

The Foundation would like to sincerely thank the sponsors of the “Brave Spaces: Diversity” series: the University of Ottawa, York University and the University of Calgary

The first 8 episodes are available on the Foundation's website and on most broadcasting platforms.