Climate Strike


Marches to support the Global Climate Strike on September 27th, 2019 represent a powerful mobilization to draw attention to pressing environmental and climate issues.

Members of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation community are among the participants who hope the marches will help make a difference in public policies to preserve the environment and fight climate change.

Stéphanie Roy, 2017 Scholar, researches law with a focus on governments’ environmental obligations.


“Taking to the streets on September 27 is asking our governments to do more to protect youth, our collective future and that of future generations. It is to show them that they must have the political courage to adopt the necessary measures to fight climate change when we are behind them.”


Pierre Cloutier de Repentigny, also a 2017 Scholar, conducts his doctoral research in environmental law with a focus on biodiversity.


“In my field of research, marine environmental law, climate change is already causing havoc. Marine biodiversity—already under considerable stress from overexploitation, marine pollution and loss of habitats—will be particularly impacted by the effects of climate change. Warming waters can significantly disturb marine ecosystems by affecting spawning, distribution, and abundance of species. […] This global climate strike is a momentous opportunity, and we must seize it. It is time to make our voice heard. It is time to demand change.”


The Global Climate Strike initiative is taking place in more than 150 countries and demonstrates a new approach focused on human rights and social justice to fight against climate change.