Children at the heart of our Foundation

Our May Community Retreat in Orford, Quebec was a first opportunity for our new 2019 Scholars, Mentors, and Fellows to meet the rest of the Foundation community which is made up of an outstanding network of researchers, academics, and decision-makers.

A number of our Scholars took this opportunity to share this new experience with their children. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is proud to provide, once again, childcare services to those who wish to bring children to our Institutes of Engaged Leadership, the first which is in Yellowknife, NWT from October 27th to November 1st, 2019.

2019 Scholar Caroline Leblanc, appreciates the opportunity to involve her daughter in Foundation events.


“As a single mother, I’m privileged to have access to childcare during the Institutes of Engaged Leadership. This opportunity allows me to be present without stress and to really invest myself in the workshops while allowing my child to engage with people who are also focused on social change. It’s a great opportunity to open her up to the world and learn more about our society.”


We recently launched the final report on the Future Forums, our pan-Canadian listening and learning tour which explored the concepts of Inclusive Excellence and Engaged Leadership.



These findings will continue to guide the Foundation as it becomes an incubator of new ways of thinking and doing. This is why we are particularly proud to offer this experience to children in our community as we recognize diversity factors such as background, gender, age, region and language, add depth, richness and different points of views to discussions.