Call for nominations - 2024 Fellow or Mentor


The Foundation is currently accepting nominations for prospective 2024 Fellows and Mentors until December 1st, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. EST. 

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Becoming a Fellow or Mentor at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation represents a uniquely fulfilling opportunity to join a community whose mission is to develop Canada’s leading doctoral researchers into the engaged leaders of tomorrow.
Every year, a cohort of extraordinary PhD candidates in the social sciences and humanities is selected to become Scholars in our three-year Engaged Leadership program. Beyond generous funding, our Scholarship provides opportunities to develop leadership skills unlike any other program of its kind.
The Foundation is calling on you, the members of our community, to nominate candidates for the 2024 selection process for Fellows and Mentors.
In accordance with the Foundation’s Strategic Plan 2019-2024, we are seeking extraordinary leaders in diverse academic disciplines and from a wide array of specialties, from AI and law to business and creative arts. Together, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Fellows and Mentors help bring our Brave Spaces leadership curriculum to life.
Over a three-year Scientific Cycle, Scholars benefit from the unique and varied insights, guidance and expertise of the Fellows and Mentors. The 2024-2027 Scientific Cycle is the Future of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: A Comparative Dialogue. During our distinctive Institutes of Engaged Leadership and community retreats, Fellows and Mentors develop and lead learning opportunities from seminars to real-world immersive experiences that challenge Scholars by taking them outside their comfort zones. Within the model for our Scientific Cycles, our Fellows must be academic experts on the theme of the cycle. Mentors may be experts on the theme; however, the Foundation seeks Mentorship candidates who are leaders across industries and expertise on the theme of the cycle is not required.
Curious to learn more? Others who have taken up the challenge of serving as Mentor or Fellow say it is a deeply fulfilling role that invites them to use their knowledge and skills to help shape the next generation of leaders.

What it means to be a Fellow or Mentor 

As with the rigorous selection process to choose our Scholars, we aim to recruit Fellows and Mentors based on criteria including gender, culture and language, ethnicity and community of origin, Indigenous people, achievement, diverse perspectives and ideologies, and commitment to the concept of engaged leadership.
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For additional questions:
Stéphanie Maurice
Leadership Programs Officer