Application and Nomination Review Committee (ANRC) 2024

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation thanks the members of its Application and Nomination Review Committees (ANRC) for their commitment to excellence in their vital role in the selection processes for Scholars, Fellows and Mentors. The eleven members of the two ANRC committee (one for Scholars and one for Fellows and Mentors) are once again chaired by Dr. Mona Nemer, Canada's Chief Science Advisor and a leading intellectual in the field of public health. The ANRC members hail from a broad range of backgrounds including the Foundation’s community, academia, and public and private sectors.


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ANRC 2024: Integral to Our Mission

Each year, the ANRC comes together in a multi-step process to review the applications. They then assess candidates through a rigorous interview process before recommending each new cohort. The ANRC’s meticulous selection process ensures finalists are well-suited for the demands of our three-year program.

The Foundation’s unique leadership curriculum, "Building Brave Spaces: The Path to Engaged Leadership," is led by our Fellows and Mentors and is a demanding program for Scholars who are not only outstanding academically, but who seek challenges that puts their resilience to the test. 

This three-year Engaged Leadership program will develop skills, networks and knowledge to transform their academic research into community impact.

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation thanks ANRC members for their diligence and dedication in their critical role in this year's selection process.