2024-2027 Cohort: Launch of The Scholarship Competition


The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is happy to officially launch the Scholarship competition for its 2024-2027 cycle.
The Foundation will seek the brightest emerging Scholars from Canada and abroad to receive this remarkable Scholarship. Through the Foundation’s leadership development program, these Scholars will have the opportunity to focus on the scientific theme beginning in 2024: “The future of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: A Comparative Dialogue”.

The areas of inquiry in this landscape create ample opportunity for examination through the lens of the themes central to the Foundation’s mission: Responsible Citizenship, Human Rights & Dignity, Canada and the World, and People & Their Natural Environment. 

Seeking a Diversity of Perspectives

The selection criteria for the competition were significantly modified in 2021 in order to better meet the orientations of the Foundation's 2019-2024 Strategic Plan. These criteria are built upon the definition of diversity outlined in the plan, including the commitment to a diversity of perspectives, now under the banner Plurality of Perspectives.

We continue to seek Scholars with the greatest intellectual capacity, while also looking for those committed to deep listening, profound curiosity, exploring grey areas, and demonstrating a willingness to engage with a diversity of people, cultures, ideologies, and perspectives” explains Elizabeth Rivera, the Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer.

The Foundation is pleased that its programs are now deployed as Brave Spaces that encourage robust debate while offering a safety net in the form of policies, circles of empathy and mutual respect, in recognition of the fact that it is important for a future committed leader to be confronted with difficult, sometimes uncomfortable, but often necessary discussions.

Towards a more open process

While universities remain a vital partner in our selection process, all eligible candidates must now apply directly to the Foundation. 

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