Spaces of Engaged Leadership: Environment



From Research to Impact will be composed of two kinds of events: Emergence & Spaces of Engaged Leadership. On alternating weeks, 2019 Mentors and Fellows will continue our leadership training program through our Spaces of Engaged Leadership, designed for community members only. These Mentor-led or Fellow-led presentations may be in the form of interactive workshops or roundtable discussions. 


Spaces of Engaged Leadership: Environment Webinar 

For many Indigenous societies, the expectation for traditional leaders has often been to uphold collective safety and well-being of the entire community. In times of shortage, when one individual or one family suffers, the whole community would choose to make sacrifices for the collective interest. While COVID-19 has exposed many of our society’s deepest vulnerabilities, it has also strengthened our ability to coordinate an historic collective response. A response that re-centres the care and well-being of others over that of individual gains. 

What are the stories that will allow us to move forward together and create a world that values the care and well-being of others? What choices are we willing to make? Do we simply resume an unsustainable path that endangers the health and well-being not only of our most vulnerable populations but of the very systems that sustain us? Or can we transform our relationships to ourselves, each other and our planet? 


Save the date: Thursday June 11, 2020

1:00 - 2:00 p.m. EDT

nadia joe


Hosted by 2019 Mentor Nadia Joe

Dän k’é Kheghaala uy’é. Kajet dän ích’é. Nadia Joe (Kheghaala-ƛ̓iƛ̓etko) is nlaka'pamux on her mother's side and southern Tutchone/Tlingit – belonging to the Crow Clan of the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations – on her father's side. She recently received her grandmother’s name ƛ̓iƛ̓etko, ‘rain falling on water,’ from her mother’s family. Kheghaala- ƛ̓iƛ̓etko originates from a long line of storytellers. By day, Nadia works as an environmental scientist championing Indigenous rights to and environmental protections for water. By night, Kheghaala-ƛ̓iƛ̓etko moonlights with her elders and ancestors learning from stories that speak of creation and endurance and belonging. In sum, the stories that teach her how best to be Dän, a human being.