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Winter Fedyk

  • Mentor 2023
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Silos Strategy Inc.

    Winter Fedyk is the CEO of Silo Strategy, a small management consulting firm specializing in public policy, project management, and training, primarily in Northern Canada.

    Winter graduated from Queen's University (2004) with a Master of Public Administration degree. She has since acquired 20 years of experience working with governments at the federal, provincial, and territorial levels. During this time, she has developed expertise supporting Cabinet decision making, including as a central agency analyst in the Privy Council Office and Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat in Ottawa, Ontario.

    Prior to founding Silo Strategy in 2019, Winter was Executive Director of the Strategic Management branch in the Ministry of Social Services in the Government of Saskatchewan, where she oversaw policy and planning, performance management and reporting, information management and privacy, and IT infrastructure and procurement for the $1B dollar organization.

    In 2018, Winter was recognized by her peers from across the country when she won the Institute of Public Administration of Canada's national award for Social Leadership in Quebec City. In part, Winter was honoured for her role as the leader of the Public Policy Book Club in Regina, Saskatchewan, which brought together public servants from the provincial, federal, and municipal governments in Regina, as well as academics from the University of Regina, to discuss the latest books in public policy.

    Over the years, Winter has been an occasional guest lecturer at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy as part of the Policy Workshop Series.

    In January 2023, Winter assumed the Chair of the Board of Directors of Code for Canada, a national non-profit organization focussed on technology for the public good.