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Stephan Delaux

  • Mentor 2023
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Adjoint au maire de Bordeaux

    Born in Bordeaux on the banks of the Garonne River, this river cradled my youth.

    My studies at the Jesuits led me to the Faculty of Law and Sciences Po in Bordeaux.

    An inspiring year in London opened me to the world and led me to my first job.

    Observing the problems of youth led me to the creation of the European Youth Card, which became a social phenomenon and which I developed throughout Europe.

    Dazzled by the personality of Jacques Chaban Delmas, I was drawn to politics. The passion for my city pushed me to get involved, and I was elected for 30 years.

    I did not give up my professional life and in 1994 I founded the communication agency, DDH Conseil agence de communication, that would become the most important in Aquitaine.

    The arrival of Alain Juppé in Bordeaux in 1995 sounded the awakening of the city, which had fallen asleep. I will be elected at his side throughout his term of office, and he will entrust me with the sectors specific to the national and international influence of the city: tourism, animation of the city, major events, enhancement of heritage, relations with the world of wine, life and river and maritime tourism.

    The results were there. A wonderful adventure of trust and loyalty in the service of our city. The happiness of a life course.