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Roland Chen

  • Scholar 2023
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DPhil candidate in Information, Communication, and Social Sciences - Oxford Internet Institute

    Roland Chen is a DPhil student in Information, Communication, and Social Sciences at the Oxford internet Institute. He holds a MSc in Social Science of the Internet from the same institution. 

    His project is on self-tracking wearables and their influence on our understanding of environment and our place within it. He’s interested in the relationship between human, technology, and environment, and he hopes this research points to fundamental questions about our environment and how we can tackle the climate crisis. 

    He grew up in Shanghai, China, and went to an international school with peers from all over the globe. He speaks English and Mandarin fluently and can get by (order food at a restaurant, mostly) in French, Spanish, and Japanese. 

    He volunteered for Lifecycles projects in Victoria, BC by helping a middle school reopen their vegetable garden. Now, he is helping Exeter College Oxford with their new biodiversity allotment project. 

    In his free time, he loves surfing, scuba and free diving, making, and cooking. He hopes to use the Trudeau scholarship to connect with and learn from fellow academics, helping to further our collective understanding of knowing, living, and being human in the 21st century.