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Rajdeep S. Gill

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Interdisciplinary scholar, cultural theorist, curator, and educator
University of British Columbia

    Dr. Rajdeep S. Gill is an interdisciplinary scholar, educator and curator, committed to searching inquiry of self, life, and society. This commitment is integrated and aligned with his efforts to philosophically, creatively and practically articulate and activate responsibilities towards a more loving and just world. Rajdeep values contributing to cultures of dialogue, thinking, creativity and collaboration that affirm shared humanity and profound regard for the Earth. Rajdeep’s life co-journeyer and colleague Fabiola Nabil Naguib’s ideas, creativity, love and personhood deeply inspire and inform his thinking and practice.

    Rajdeep has extensive experience in transformative academic, creative, experiential, arts-based and ecology-based post-secondary and public education. His areas of research and teaching include interdisciplinary methodologies, theories and practices, Indigenous knowledges and worldviews, connective and integrative philosophy-practices of creativity, more-than-human communities and cultures, the imperatives of ecological and emotional literacy, whole person pedagogy, transformative curatorial practice, and intersections of cognitive, social and environmental justice.

    Rajdeep values relationship and community-building and collaboratively strengthening ecologies of individual and collective dignity and flourishing. This philosophy grounds his ongoing efforts and engagements across contexts and communities.

    Rajdeep is currently a faculty member and Chair of the Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts Program as well as the Chair of Indigenous Studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He also regularly teaches and mentors in the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Rajdeep has served as a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar at UBC as well as a Curator-in-Residence at the Vancouver Art Gallery.