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Patrice Sauvé

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Film Director

    Director Patrice Sauvé is known as an audacious visual master. Although he made his mark working on television, that is just one facet of his talent. His extraordinary career path has led him into television, the museum world, advertising, film and theatre.
    Following cinematic studies at Concordia University, he broadened his horizons by working on cultural shows, public affairs magazines and documentaries. However, it was in 2001 that he found his true voice with the cult series La vie, la vie, which was twice awarded Prix Gémeaux (2001, 2002) for best directing in a drama series. He then directed the sci-fi series Grande Ourse (Prix Gémeaux 2004), L’héritière de la Grande Ourse (Prix Gémeaux 2005), the dramatic comedy Ciao Bella (Gemini Awards 2005), the miniseries Vertige (Prix Gémeaux 2011), a thriller broadcast in 2012 on the Serie+ Network, Karl & Max in 2015. Most recently, the police thriller Victor Lessard in 2017 and Victor Lessard: Violence à l’Origine (S2) hit over a million viewings! The most-watched original series ever on Vidéotron’s VOD platform Club Illico.
    His drama series based on Ingrid Falaise’s autobiographical novel Le Monstre was acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, while his series La Faille is broadcasted on Club Illico since December 2019. Both series are selected in the Official International Competition at Larochelle TV Fiction Festival. After Cheech in 2006, Grande Ourse: La clé des possibles in 2009, Patrice Sauvé’s third feature film Ça sent la coupe, based on a novel by Matthieu Simard, featuring Louis-José Houde was released in 2017.