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Nmesoma Nweze

  • Scholar 2023
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PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology
McGill University

    Nmesoma Nweze is currently a PhD student in McGill's Clinical Psychology program. 

    She holds an honours bachelor's degree in neuroscience and psychology from the University of Toronto. Her passions and research interests explore how relationships within Indigenous frameworks can be a vehicle for healing on an individual level and social change on a collective level. 

    Her research centers the experiences of Inuit experiencing homelessness in southern cities and how their social networks impact wellbeing. Her research is inspired by her upbringing in Iqaluit, Nunavut, where she was introduced to issues of mental health & healing through the lenses of Inuit sovereignty, selfgovernance, and culture, as well as her background as an Igbo woman and immigrant. 

    Nmesoma currently volunteers with multiple organizations in Montreal, particularly Black Mental Health Connections and Projets Autochtone du Quebec. Nmesoma loves sewing, beading, hiking and camping, poetry, and singing; she is fascinated by history, law, economics, and policy and enjoys learning from colleagues working in these areas. 

    Through the Trudeau Foundation Leadership program, she hopes to connect clinical research and community-focused solutions with broader policy innovations in health and education; also, as an anglophone, she hopes to become fluent in French and Inuktitut.