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Nathan Lemphers

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PhD Political Science
University of Toronto

    Nathan is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Smart Prosperity Institute, an environmental and economic policy think tank, based at the University of Ottawa. His post-doctoral research examines the politics and policy of electric vehicles and the impact that this new technology will have on regional economies.

    In 2019, Nathan was awarded his doctorate from the University of Toronto’s Department of Political Science. His doctoral research examined the climate politics of three major fossil fuel-exporting countries, Australia, Canada, and Norway. While at the University of Toronto, he was a Junior Fellow at Massey College and co-chaired the University of Toronto’s Responsible Investment Committee.

    In addition to his academic expertise, Nathan has been a senior campaigner at Oil Change International, where he advocated for scenario reform at the International Energy Agency, and a senior policy analyst at the Pembina Institute, where he worked on oil sands and pipeline policy issues. He has sat on the Community of Interest Panel of the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining program and delivered testimony on environmental policy before House and Senate committees. Nathan’s commentary on climate and energy policy has appeared in such venues as the Montreal Gazette, The Globe and Mail, the New York Times and the Washington Post. He has appeared regularly on CBC, Global, and CTV news and current affairs television programs.

    Nathan also holds a Masters of City Planning from MIT and a B.Sc. from the University of Alberta.

    You can visit his Twitter account by click on the following website: @enlem