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Michael Ogoms

  • Scholar 2023
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PhD Candidate in Management
University of Glasgow

    Michael Ogoms (He/Him) is an incoming PhD student at the University of Glasgow. He is originally from Winnipeg and his first language is English. His research focuses on investigating how to support neurodivergent individuals in the workplace. This research will clarify the impact the organizational environment can have on individuals with learning disabilities, resulting in better adjustments and continued progress in positive inclusion, disability management, awareness and advocacy. 

    He completed his MSc in Management at Concordia University, where he volunteered to help students break into consulting. Prior to starting his PhD, Michael worked for PwC, supporting various EDI engagements and was on the PwC Canada disability advisory committee. These experiences gave him insight into people's lived experiences of disability in the workplace. 

    Michaels goals for this scholarship program is to become a more effective leader in order to continue to advocate for disability-led research and the overall positive disability perception in the world. Having a learning disability and being black, allows Michael to understand the context through his lived experience and provides much needed intersectionality to the research community. Michael’s interests include representation and inspiring youth. Therefore, he volunteers his research skills to the community of black individuals with disabilities.