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Melissa (Lisa) Redford

  • Fellow 2024
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Professor Department Head, Linguistics
University of Oregon

    Dr. Redford research program is designed to further a developmentally sensitive theory of spoken language production; one where the representations and processes relevant to speaking are understood to result from language acquisition that is shaped by social-interactive successes, the development of executive functioning (i.e., cognition pertaining to sequencing and planning), and the development of speech motor control. Her current empirical work focuses on the development of articulatory timing skill, the relationship between phrase-level representations and planning processes, and on the coordination of language and breathing during speaking. Overall, Dr. Redford's research is designed to challenge existing theories of spoken language acquisition and production. One goal is to argue that psychologically-plausible linguistic representations are developmentally structured and so may bear little semblance to those proposed for language description. Another is to provide a biologically sensible framework for advancing empirical work on normal and disordered spoken language.