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Marie-Michèle Brossard

  • Scholar 2024
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Université de Sherbrooke

    As a Specialist in Criminology and Psychoeducation, Marie-Michèle Brossard has a wealth of experience in clinical intervention, research, and knowledge transfer, in the early childhood field. Furthermore, since 2016, she has been sharing her expertise as a lecturer in psychoeducation at the Université de Montréal. 

    Passionate about human relations, Marie-Michèle is committed to an egalitarian society and is convinced that investment in early childhood represents a key solution to abolish inequality of opportunity for success. As a doctoral student at the Université de Sherbrooke, she is interested in the protective role that quality of early childhood education can play in the social and emotional development of children who accumulate adversity from the age of two.

    In addition to her work on the prevention of social maladjustment, Marie-Michèle is deeply interested in intercultural intervention. Her international cooperation missions have enabled her to forge links between the scientific community and various communities, highlighting the importance of diversity in social intervention. 

    Marie-Michèle is the mother of two children and sees parenthood as a valuable opportunity for personal growth. Stimulated by new challenges, she is enthusiastic about getting involved with a committed community of leaders.