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Mailaïka Jacques-Bérubé

  • Scholar 2024
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Green Criminology
Université Laval

    Malaïka Jacques-Bérubé is a Ph.D. student in Criminology at the Université Laval involved both academically and socially. She is the recipient of the Fonds de recherche du Québec and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowships. She previously earned a Bachelor's degree in criminology with honours and given her interest for environmental protection and climate change, she completed a Certificate in sustainable development and a Master's degree in green criminology. 

    Her doctoral thesis examines factors influencing the risk of committing corporate crimes against nature, notably the impact of criminal penalties. The research questions are rooted in her interest for social justice and the protection of populations vulnerable to environmental damages. The project was awarded the Environmental Education and Sustainable Development Scholarship sponsored by the Lucie Samson-Turcotte Funds. 

    Malaïka has worked as a caseworker in various non-profit organizations of importance, in a shelter for immigrant women victim of domestic violence. Committed to gender equity, she is also the representative of the Feminist committee of the Student and Postdoctoral student workers union at Université Laval, promoting equity through an intersectional approach.